Yun Jong Cho

I am a teacher specializing in Education. I love teaching and helping other people learn Korean.

Learning Korean Made
Simple and Easy

  • Text Books
    Systematic textbook serials: "I Can Speak Korean"
  • Listening Practice
    Improve your listening skills with K-Pop lyrics, sentence by sentence
  • Writing Practice
    Commenting in Korean and correcting each other's comments
  • Video Lessons
    Various lessons are available for you

 I known Yun for the past 3 years and she is a great teacher. She is passionate and very generous with her students. Yun is excellent at explaining complex grammar and makes it a fun process. She creates easy to use tools for learning Korean such as books and her website. I recommend Yun as a teacher without hesitation.   -  Melanie Bouchard, Montreal

 I've never considered myself good at learning languages. I've tried learning several through the traditional classroom model, but have always struggled. Though I was skeptical, I decided to try online Korean lessons with Yun Chong, and I'm so happy I did!

I can't believe how far I've come in the 9 months since I started studying with Yun Chong! I began with no knowledge of Korean and am now able to read, write, and hold short conversations. Yun Chong is exceptional at recognizing the individual needs of her students, and she takes the time to create individualized lesson plans that are both challenging and fun! Her patient and humorous demeanor makes me feel comfortable and confident in learning a new language. I truly look forward to each lesson, and I can't wait to see how much I will learn with Yun Chong in the next 9 months!   -  Heather Darnell, Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A

 Amazing teacher and very passionate about teaching Korean. She explains well and also has good structured lessons. Her book made me learn Korean easier and overall it was very enjoyable.   -  LT, Montreal

 Yun is teaching me Korean since 2015. She’s kind, very patient with me and tries different types of lessons to motivate me. I improve a lot my Korean language since I began. I can now understand more when she talks to me in Korean. I cannot have a better teacher than Yun.   -  Annie, Montreal

 I have been taking Korean lessons with Yun Chong Cho for about 7 months now. She does an excellent job of teaching the concepts of the language in a logical order, while also tailoring the lessons to my goals and ability level. She provides lots of opportunity to practice both written and spoken Korean. She also offers insights into Korean culture, which is both fascinating and helpful for learning the language. I have learned a ton in a few short months, and I'm having fun doing it!   -  Madeleine, Massachusetts