Orange Marmalade 오렌지 마말레이드

백마리 Baek'marie


너 나한테 사과할 일 the thing that you will apologize to me 

너 You

나 I

한테 to someone

사과하다 to apologize

...ㄹ 일 the thing/event that...


생각 안 난다 그랬지? You said that you don't remember, right?

생각 나다 to recall, to remember

생각 안 나다 don't remember

...ㄴ다 그랬지? said that... right?


내가 기억나게 해줄까? Do you want me to make you remember it?

내가 I

기억나다 to recall, to remember

...게 하다 make...

해주다 do it for the other person

...ㄹ까? should I ...? should we...? do you want me to...?