Master's sun

여자1: 많이 안 좋으니?

           You don't feel good?


방공호: 잃어버린 걸(것을) 찾으러 가야 겠어요.

           I should go to find something that I lost.

잃어버리다 to lose

찾다 to find, to look for

...러 가다 to go in order to...

~야 겠어요 should~, need to~


여자 2: 주원씨! 계속 보고 있었다는 게(것이) 내가 아니었어요?

           Mr. Juwon! Wasn’t it I that you kept looking?

계속 continuously, keep

아니었어요? wasn't it?


방공호: 똑같긴 한데 그건(그것은) 진짜가 아니야. It is the same but it is not real.

똑같다 to be exactly the same

...ㄴ데 but...

진짜 really

아니야 am not, is not, are not


태공실: 난 정말 그 사람이랑 끝이에요. It is the end with the person.

           봐요. Look.

           이거 버릴 거예요.  I will throw this away.

           그러니까 이제 더 이상 날(나를) 찾아오지 마요.

           Therefore, now don’t come find me anymore.

정말 really 

그 사람이랑 = 그 사람과 = 그 사람하고 with the person

끝 end

버리다 to throw away

...ㄹ 거예요 will... (future tense)

그러니까 therefore

이제 now

더 이상 no longer

찾아오다 to come find someone

...지 마요 don't...


방공호: 너 정말 방공호가 없어도 된다고 생각한 거야?

           Do you really think that you are fine without Gongho, Bang?

너 you

정말 really 

~도 돼 can~, may~ (permission)

...ㄴ 다고 생각해요 think that .... (if a verb)

...ㄴ 거야? is it ...? Do you mean that...?



태공실: 기억을 찾았어요? Your memory came back?

기억 memory

찾다 to find, to look for 

~ㅆ어요 past tense 


방공호: 그래. Yes.

           진짜 찾기 싫은데 찾았어.I really hate to find it but I found it.

진짜 really 

찾기 finding

싫다 to be hateful

...ㄴ데 but...



태공실: 찾기 싫은데 왜 찾아왔어요?

           Why did you find and come although you hate to find it?

찾다 to find, to look for

찾기 finding, looking for


방공호: 누군(누구는) 좋아서 찾으러 온 줄 알아?

           Do you think that I came to find it because I want to?

누구 who

~서 because~

...ㄴ 줄 알아?  Do you know...?


           기억 없이 맘(마음)  편하게 내가 사는 세상에서 니가 사는 세상이랑

           엮이지 않고 행복할 수 있었어.

           Without a memory, I could be happy in the world that I am living

           not being involved in the world that you are living.

기억 없이 without memory 

마음 mind, heart

편하게 comfortably 

세상 world

엮이다 to be involved in

...지 않고 not...

행복하다 to be happy

...ㄹ 수 있어요 be able to...


태공실: 그래요. Yes.

           나도 없으니까 좋았어. It was good since you are not there, too.

           없으니까 훨씬 좋았어요! It was much better since you are not there!

           없으니까 살 것 같은데 왜 찾았어요?!

           I feel better since you are not there but why did you find it?


 ....니까 because ...

훨씬 much

좋다 to be good

살 것 같아요 think that I will live, seems to live, feel like living

...ㄴ데 but...


방공호: 거짓말하지 마. Don’t lie.

           넌 살 만 했을리가 없어. It can’t be true that it is ok for you to live.

           태공실, 넌 절대로 나 없이 살 만하면 안 돼.

           Gongsil, Tae, you shouldn't be ok to live without me.

           내가 없으면 넌 죽을 것 같아야 돼.

           If I am not there, you should feel like dying.


거짓말하다 to lie

...지 마 don't...

살다 to live

....ㄹ 만하다 manage to... 

...ㄹ리가 없어 it can't be true...

절대로 never

나 없이 without me

...면 안 돼  shouldn't...        

....면 if...

죽다 to die

...ㄹ 것 같아요 think that... (future), feel like..., seems to....

~야 돼 need to~, should~