DREAM GIRLS lyrics sung by IOI


"Dream Girls" lyrics sung by IOI


→Starts from 0:31 - 1:25


하나! 둘! 셋! 넷! Mic check! 1! 2!  

하나! 둘! 셋! 넷! Mic check! 1! 2!

하나! 둘! 셋! 넷! Mic check! 1! 2!

One! Two! Three! Four! 

1! 2! 1! 2!

하나 one

둘 two

셋 three

넷 four


모두 나를 비웃고 모두 나를 떠나고

Everyone laughs at me and leaves me

모두 all, everyone

나를 me

비웃다 to laugh at someone

...고 and (...is the stem of the infinitive verb) 

모두 나를 비웃고 everyone laughs at me and

떠나 다 to leave

떠나 + 고 leave and


내가 혼자되어도 I don’t care 

Even though I become alone I don't care

내가 I

혼자 alone

되다 to become

~도 although (~ indicates the stem of the conjugated verb)


나 이쁘진 않아도 날씬하진 않아도

Even though I am not pretty, Even though I am not slim

나 I

이쁘진 않아요 = 예쁘지는 않아요 = 예쁘 (pretty) + 지 않아요 (not)

~도 although  (~ indicates the stem of the conjugated verb)

이쁘진 않아 + 도  although I am not pretty


까칠하게 보여도 뭐 어때

Even though I look cranky so what?

까칠하다 to be cranky

까칠하게 crankily  (게 is an adverb marker "ly")

보여요 seem to, look like (보이다 to be seen, to look like)

도 although

뭐 어때 so what


(너 고민하지마) 그래 너답게

(You don't worry) Yes as the way you are

너 you

고민하다 to worry

...지 마 don't

고민하지 마 don't worry

그래 yes, sure

너답게 as the way you are


(이 시간은 내 꺼야) 내가 주인공야

(This time is mine) I am the main character

이 시간 this time

은 subject marker

내 꺼 mine

야 Be verb (= am, are, is)

내가 I

주인공 main character


(오래 기다렸잖아) The time is coming

(You know you waited for long time) The time is coming

오래 long 

기다렸 watied (기다리다 to wait)

잖아 endimg marker meaning "you know"


(보여줄 거야) Let’s go!

(I will show it) Let's go!

보여주다 to show

...ㄹ 거야 will...


We here to rock the show

Get ready we’ll let you know

아무도 못 말려 boy

Nobody can stop me boy

아무도 anybody

못 can't

말리다 stop

아무도 못 말려 nobody can stop me


지금부터 I got you boy

From now on I got you boy

지금 now

부터 since, from


원하는 걸 말해봐

Tell me what you want

원하다 to want 

원하는 것 the thing that you want

원하는 것을 = 원하는 걸

말해 봐 tell me 


우리가 들어줄게

We will listen to you

우리가 we

들어 주다 to give a listen

...ㄹ게 will


당당하게 be like that!

Confidently be like that!

당당하다 to be confident

...게 ly (adverd marker)

당당하게 confidently